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Don’t Delay, Pre-Order Today

I am a traditionalist when it comes to Halloween. You get one day. Go wild. That’s it. But I have to confess, a midweek Halloween

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Yes! Yes! Yes!

By now, most of you know about our gorgeous new art installation, The Rain.Bow.Wave walk. This past Monday, the artist and OFE grandpa, John Runnels,

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5th grade camp

Say what you want about HISD, but for many, many years, they had a wonderful tradition of sending 5th grade students to camp. Camp for

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Tri-ers never quit

So spring break is done and school is feeling like it’s winding down, but it’s not May, so you can’t totally check out (yet) and

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Who’s Going to Fill Their Shoes?

Maybe my favorite thing about the auction, is the actual auction itself. I mean, who doesn’t love an auctioneer? Do I hear a thousand, thou

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