There are three events this fall that are absolute cuteness overload and really community building- so much so that you are going to want to call in “sick.”


1. Grandparents day: bring your grandparents or other special friend to lunch on this day. The school will be CRAZY crowded. You’ve been warned. But it is so adorable to see the joy on kids faces and hear them exclaim “grandma!” when they see them waiting in the library. Grandparents arrive a little before their child’s regularly scheduled lunch. They wait in the library and are escorted to the cafeteria when their child’s class arrives for lunch. No grandparents? No problem. We don’t DNA test you. Any special adult, including a parent, can attend.



2. Book character parade: this is on Halloween. Your child will wear a costume from a book. Like Ramona or Fancy Nancy. Real books are preferred, not “Spider-Man” type stuff, but again, no one is going to send you home for having an incorrect costume. If you need any help or ideas please see Dewi Lo or Cindy Trevino. They take it to the next level. The kids parade around the outside of the school looking adorable. The staff dresses up. It’s so cute and fun. It’s pretty much the best day of the year.



3. Thanksgiving Lunch. This is on November 21st. This is similar to grandparents day but with Turkey. Families come and eat lunch with their kids. The tables are set up in the cafeteria with fall decor. Everyone eats together and makes merry. It’s delightful and you really feel the happiness that this holiday brings, but without your dad’s overly saged and dry dressing and your aunt’s cold macaroni salad. Seriously, why is this still a thing in the post paleo/keto-era? So make arrangements to enjoy the joy. Call in “absolutely fabulous and loving life” on these days. You won’t regret it.


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