Yes! Yes! Yes!

By now, most of you know about our gorgeous new art installation, The Rain.Bow.Wave walk. This past Monday, the artist and OFE grandpa, John Runnels, along with his partner in crime Miss Charlie Jean and grandson Tristan, cut the ribbon on it to let the foot traffic begin.

The best part of the ceremony was listening to how it all came about. Starting with when the city ripped up the crosswalks, John and Tristan thought, “how could we make this prettier?” The original idea was to have a gradual rainbow color gradient across all four sidewalks. Sadly, the City said “no, no,no.”

But where there is a will there is a way. While smaller in scale, the Rain.Bow.Wave is a piece of art on our campus created by an amazingly talented man who has art installations all over the city. And country.

So when you drop your kids off on Monday, chew on that for a minute. And then on the first nice weekend in the fall (it will happen, you just gotta believe), get out your bikes and take a little family field trip down the bayou to look at his other work.

Then come back and be amazed. At teamwork, talent, perseverance, and heart. And when it scuffs, changes, and fades, don’t sweat. Just ponder art’s impermanence, and the transitory nature of life.

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