Title: What Not to Wear: Auction Edition

Note: if you are easily offended or lack a sense of humor, kindly stop reading now.

We are getting lots of questions about the auction, but oddly enough, most of them are focused on one topic-what should I wear???

And I think that is because the theme is Bourbon Street Bash. When I questioned the people in charge, they said “wear what you would wear if you were going to a nice bar on Bourbon Street.”

Ok, so I am thinking that bourbon street must be a really long street, and I have never seen the part of it with the nice yuppie-type bars that you would see in Southern Living when they do a spread called “the South’s best new bars,” or some other such article.

My parents took me to the French Quarter when I was 13 in 1987. Many of you were not alive at this time. That’s cool. #generationxrulz But I was, and I was walking down bourbon street in broad daylight, with my 11 year old sister and I saw two “ladies” standing in the doorway of a bar, ladies being in quotes because I use that term euphemistically. The were smiling and greeting the establishment’s partrons. They had neglected to put on both their tops and their foundation garments. But they were wearing something which brings me to the title of this post.

Pasties. Do not wear pasties to this party. You know who you are-just don’t do it. Unless you have a shirt over them.

Anything else goes. It’s date night with your person. So that could be a cocktail dress or jeans and a cute top-or, if you’re my husband, depending on his mood, Bermuda shorts and a Buccee’s t-shirt, or his pink pants and yellow guayabera. Both of which, I am sad to report, he has worn to date night. Let the carefree spirit of the French Quarter be your guide….but don’t get too carried away (again, you know who you are) ?

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