I want YOU to make our auction successful

As you might can tell, we have our major fundraiser coming up, which we count on every year to help bring quality programming to the school. Geez. That last sentence sounded like NPR telethon week.

At the auction, there are many things you can bid on, through the live and silent auctions. At the silent auction, there will be hands on things you can take home, things that were donated like art, theater tickets, sports swag, wine baskets, etc. There are also services, like tennis lesson packages, speech therapy, and spa packages. New at the silent auction last year were “teacher tuck ins,” where teachers came to you house, read a bed time story and served milk and cookies. There is also the live auction where vacation homes get auctioned off, the chance to have your school’s flag up on the flag pole, and fun things that happen at the school like the chance for your child to be “principal for the day.”

We also have socials. What’s a social, you ask? Socials are small gatherings or parties that are hosted by different parents at the school. This is what we need help with right now. We need more socials. They can be for adults and kids. Examples of past adult socials include a henna tattoo party, painting with a twist parties, a tequila and tapas gathering, and a Kentucky Derby party.

Past examples of socials for children include a Pengu swum party, a Kona ice play date in the park, paint ball battles, visiting the channel 2 newsroom, and backyard movie nights. You can host one of these on your own or go in with some friends. Some are grade level specific, and some are open to multiple grades.

Think about what you can donate. Can you host a social? Do you have a vacation house, or know someone who does and would be willing to donate a few days to help us out? Through your work, could you donate good or services for the silent auction?

What can you do for your child’s school today?

Not everyone can help in every way. You may not have the time or desire to shelve books in the library, or be the room mom, but is this a way for you to help out?

Not everyone can help in every way, but everyone can help in some way.

The auction chairs are waiting to hear from you.

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