happy new year and auction news

Greetings from the land of the First-Day-Back-in-January hangover. All those nights of going to bed at midnight, sleeping in till 10, eating breakfast at 11, lunch at 3 and supper at 8, then staying up to work on our thousand piece puzzle and watch Christmas movies, repeat the cycle of sloth and gluttony until Saturday night and then try to put the kids in bed early under the guise of being a responsible parent. Well someone has to pay the piper now. And those “someones” are Ms. Lemoine and Ms. Woodfin. Sorry! So, so extremely sorry.

But this too shall pass and it was totally worth it. Of course, I say that now. Come Thursday when the true hangover sets in, I may be singing a different tune.

Speaking of hangovers….

Have you heard of the auction? It’s a little adults only fundraiser we (you guys, as members of the best pta in the universe) throw. It pays for stuff like WITS and Ready to grow, and in the past has bought a playground, computers, band instruments, and sound system for the school. Big ticket items that HISD can’t or won’t provide (#thegreathisdbudgetcrisis2018).

In the past, you could go in with some of your friends and buy a table, and it was all very shi-shi and fancy. Actually last year, when the tables sold out in less than 5 minutes, the phrases “high falutin” and “too-big-for- its-britches” came to mind. So as stewards of your time and money-and in this case-school reputation, the auction committee got together to discuss how to proceed. Was this who we, as Oak forest were? Did we want to continue with this fundraiser as it was, or did we want to do something more egalitarian, but where we could still make money for the school while wearing our sparkle tops.

So after some research (seeing how other schools do it) the committee decided to change it up a bit. Drumroll please….

This year the auction is general admission!!! No fancy reserved tables. Just regular tables where seating is first come first serve. Which makes more sense because no one ever really sat down at their tables anyway. You also don’t need to “save seats”. The idea is to mix and mingle and get to know some new people in our tribe. The cost is fifty bucks a head. For 25 extra dollars, you can get an early bird pass which gets you there 30 minutes sooner to buy socials and browse.

Best of all, you can still wear your sparkle top with your faux leather spanx. Which I will be wearing over another pair of spanx. Holiday cookies and peanut brittle y’all. ?

“besties having fun!”
“here is a woman who can dance and teach your kid how to spell albumen.”

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