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OFE 2020 – 2021 Student Directory:

The OFE PTA will publish a school directory via an application viewable on your computer or phone this fall. Every student’s NAME will be listed in the directory by class, unless you choose otherwise (directory form is linked and will be sent out for you to decline entry). The student’s school registry information (parents names, address and phone number, etc.) will be uploaded to the directory platform. If you have any questions please email

This information does not affect your child’s records in any way and will only be used for the school directory. The school directory will not be distributed to the public and should not be used or copied for commercial purposes. Only PTA MEMBERS with paid dues at the time of publication are eligible to receive a password to access the online directory.

If you wish to opt out and exclude your child’s information from the directory, please complete the form available here and email it to


Thank you!