summertime parenting

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You know how you feel when your kids misbehave but you’ve had a glass of wine? You just kind of let what would normally make you say something like, “excuse me young lady, you are interrupting adults and that is rude, if you must interrupt say ‘pardon me, mama, ‘“ but now, in your buzzed state you’re like “meh—shoo child.”

That’s summertime parenting.

Whether you are working, or staying at home, things are just easier right now. There’s no spelling lists. There’s no XtraMath. You are not carting one car full of kids to ballet while the mom you co-depend with takes another car full of kids to softball, and y’all will meet up to exchange various kids at the cvs parking lot by Lowe’s so you can both get everyone fed a crockpot meal before it’s bath time, then wax museum time, and then bedtime.

You can linger in the front yard and chat with your neighbors. You can have multi-kid sleepovers. Stock up the fridge with popsicles. Go swimming on a Tuesday night. Because it’s Tuesday and you can. Life is easier. It’s an automatic convo filler for the socially awkward, “what are your summer plans?” And because life is easier right now, you can take the time to listen to their response with your heart, instead of thinking about what you need to do next while they are talking.

It’s small town time. It’s fireflies in a jar. Time to engage in that age-old seasonal debate “should you salt your watermelon?” Watch the fireworks show and say “this was the best year yet!” And then laugh when they say “you say that every year.”

So while some with complain that it’s hot, not me. I have my simple wish—that everyday could feel just like today.