Reflecting on Reflections

Reflecting on Reflections:

If you have a kid that loves to draw, or dance, or write, or make music, or take pictures, or make films—the Reflections Art Contest may be for them. If you have a child that doesn’t like to do any of that, but every once in a while, goes up in their room and creates something amazing, Reflections may be for them. If you have a kid who never does any of that, but at the last minute decides to draw stick figures on a piece of paper and then wants to turn it in, you feel my pain, but guess what? Reflections is for them too.

Reflections is an art contest sponsored by the PTA. There are several different categories your child can enter in and your child can enter in as many entries as he or she wants. We learned at the PTA conference last year that a key factor to how your child advances is how they tie their artwork to the year’s theme. The theme for this year is “Heroes Around Me.”

I could say more, but perhaps it’s best for you to hear from some of the kids themselves:


Emma Osterman is a 3rd grader who went on to the state level last year for her gorgeous photo of her older sister, entitled, “My Sister in a Tree”

Q: What are some tips you could give another kid who is doing reflections?

A: “look for the word and think what YOU think.”

Q: What are some of your favorite things about doing Reflections?

A: “that I was the one taking the pictures.”

Q: How did you get inspired to take your picture?

A: “we saw lots of trees and we thought, ‘you can go in them’ and it was a Reflections thing”


Natalia Sierra is a second grader who was last year’s Best in Show Winner for her absolutely stunning picture called “My City.”

Q: What did you draw your beautiful picture with?

A: “With pencils and markers.”

Q: What are some tips you could give another kid about doing Reflections?

A: “putting in a lot of movement and stuff. Not just standing. I like to do them doing stuff.”

Q: How did you get inspired to make your piece of art?

A: “Because it’s everything that I like to be.”



Andres Carrette’s work went to the National level of the competition in the 2016-2017 year.

The title of his work is “The Love Story.”

Q: What are some tips you could give another kid about doing Reflections:

A: “Never give up, do your best and follow the theme, because that’s what got me to Nationals.”

Q: What’s your favorite thing about doing reflections?

A: “The art. I love doing art, it’s just my passion and everyone says I’m really good at it.”

Q: How did you get the idea for your piece?

A: “I was looking at a magazine comic and I thought “oh, I want to do this too, but I made it my own.

It took me at least 20 times to get it perfect.”


Natalie Denson is a current 4th grader who won the best in show during her kindergarten year.

Her piece was called “Love Time”

Q: Why did you call your artwork “Love Time?”

A: “Hmmmm. Hmmmm. I think just because I was thinking about smiley faces and hearts.”

Q: What’s your favorite about making art?

A: “Hmmmm. I love to do art and I love all kinds of art.”

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