Funrun time!!!!

It’s funrun time!!!! What does this mean? This is one of two fundraisers the pta does for our school.

In the fall, we do a funrun. This money goes into our PTA operating budget. The budget pays for fun programs around the school. Like the software for the accelerated readers program, the 5th grade camp experience , respect and inclusive as assemblies, the reflections art program, healthy kids week (triathlon!!!), teacher appreciation events throughout the year, recorders for the third graders (why, lord??) garden maintenance, just to name a few. It also pays for the expense to put on the fall festival and the auction.

Then, come spring, get ready- there is an adults only party known as “The Auction.” The proceeds form this party pay for big ticket items like WITS, Ready to Grow, and grant requests from the staff. In the past it’s paid for a playground, a sound system- things that HISD just cannot give us right now, or, maybe ever.

Anything leftover? This past year budget surplus funds bought extra computers, the school golf program and the improved marquee system.

It all starts this week. With the funrun. The funrun will be lead, again, by Boosterthon. They will have 3 staff members on campus everyday for 10 days. They will be conducting assemblies and motivating these kids to get out there and help their school in a way that you and I just can’t. They don’t check their phones when they are bored, need to pick up sick kids, or get annoyed with kids for being rowdy. Which is totally what some moms I know would do. (Me, Hindi, and Dagostini. We are some moms) They also have great software that makes tracking results and donating a breeze. We’ve used them for the past 6 years to AMAZING results. But it doesn’t come for free. They are a business and they do take a percentage of what we make. As we are stewards of your money and the donations you collect, the Fall Fundraiser Committee went through a vetting process again this year. They interviewed other companies and considered going with one of them. This interview process also included another negotiation with Boosterthon. Based on these negations, Boosterthon agreed to collect a lower percentage of our gross total (25-27% depending on our profits) and also agreed to pay for T-shirts for the entire school, shirts that we previously purchased ourselves. Twenty seven percent. That’s many thousands of dollars. But if you are ever in doubt of their value and the time they put in to get those results, come to the kick off or any of their assemblies. See if they aren’t worth every penny.

In short, again, they provided the best package.

If you want more specifics, email the fall fundraiser chairs at

Now, how can we get the pta to negotiate ear plugs to go with those recorders??? Please. Some moms will need them….

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